Here are the most recent questions asked at AMPD Computing that might crop again in the future.

Is there an eyedropper like in Photoshop I can use to select colours from a website?

Do you have any project management apps?

We don’t have any site licenses, I’m afraid.
Depending on how demanding your requirements are, free sites like might be useful.

How do I request guest wifi accounts?

Please use the Guest Form located at

As per the instructions I received from UIT.

Installing and Using Office

All members of the York community are able to install Microsoft Office onto both work and home computers.

Microsoft’s program allows York community members to download and install Office 365 on up to five PCs or Macs and on other mobile devices, including Android, iPad and Windows tablets.

For installation instructionsclick here.

Bonus – File Storage

One of the exciting components of Microsoft Office available to us is OneDrive.  This functions like Dropbox or Google Drive – it is a cloud-based file storage system. It is a great way to store files so that they are accessible from both your office and home computer, even from your phone!

Installing MaxMSP

Here’s a brief step-by-step of how this will work – thanks, Kevin!Install & Open the Max program from the developer website.

  1. Select “User Account and Licenses” from the “Help” menu
  2.  Create a new account (if not already done so) & Sign In.
  3. Enter Serial #. If a Serial # has already been entered for this account & computer then you will see it’s status. If a Serial # has not been entered for this account & computer you will be asked to enter a serial #.
  4. Close the “Max Authorization” window and proceed to use MAX.

Parsing column data into comma delimited

I had to parse a comma delimited list into columns and found this site online:

Every time I forward an email it automatically only sends the part I highlighted!

Not sure if this is only on Macs but it is an infuriating “feature” and sure to cause complaint at some point as more users get Outlook.  Long story short, if you highlight a portion of an email and then forward it or respond to it, ONLY the highlighted portion shows up in your email.

The only fix is “don’t highlight” – sigh.

Finding header information in Outlook email

If UIT asks for the header of a potentially malicious email, here is an easy way to get to it. Crappy audio but easy to follow.

Why is my name different in Office 365/Outlook?

Your Microsoft Office account’s data is populated by the HR database. This means that whatever your ‘Primary’ name is recorded as in HR will appear in the Active Directory as your Office 365 username. You can change your ‘Primary’ name online via HR Self-Serve. Changes made to your ‘Primary’ name will be visible in other systems, including MS Outlook Address Book within the next business day.