AMPD Computing Services

Service, support and installation of staff and faculty computing equipment

Please contact AMPD Computing if you require:

  • computing equipment repairs, moves, upgrades, installations
  • software installations or service
  • account activations or password resets
  • website development

AMPD Computing is also involved in the Computing Plan (Strategic Technology Fund) and Computer Renewal Program (CRP) equipment rollouts.

Ricoh Photocopier Support

Support for Ricoh photocopiers is divided into three categories.

  • Hardware issues.  If for example the machine is jammed and you unable to clear the jam, please contact Ricoh directly as the machines are under warranty.
  • No connection to photocopier from your computer.  Please contact
  • Not printing because the photocopier has page accounting and you do not have a code, please contact Lucia Lo (

Computer Renewal Program

The Computer Renewal Program (CRP) is a Faculty funded contribution to the purchase of an Apple or Dell desktop or laptop computer for full-time faculty members.

At the end of the CRP period of three years, full-time faculty members may arrange with AMPD Computing to have a replacement computer ordered. Their data will be transferred to the new computer and the old computer is then redeployed by AMPD Computing.

Digital Media Assistance

AMPD Computing can assist faculty teachers and researchers with the preparation of digital media, be it audio, video or graphics. We have the equipment on-hand to make scans of slides, photos or pages. For other media work, such as audio and video, we have still and video cameras and audio recording equipment.  This media can be used in support of your teaching and research.

eLearning Support

AMPD Computing can help AMPD faculty members with their online courses.

Contact AMPD Computing ( to determine what kind of support you need while developing the materials for your course.  We will help set up and oversee support from the AMPD eLearning Team. Support is based on your needs. Some examples of support include recording and editing lectures and/or interviews with external experts; support for using Camtasia to record lectures or to create tutorials; uploading audio and video files to our streaming servers; and technical support for Moodle and/or WordPress.  As the course development nears completion,  we can assist with customized Moodle support and training for faculty members, teaching assistants and students.

Support for Researchers

In keeping with the importance of research to the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, AMPD Computing has been mandated to provide assistance to researchers. Faculty members who will require computer support for a research project (laptop and desktop computer configuration and maintenance, website setup and administration, application development, etc.) are to work with Tim Hampton (director of Computing Services) to prepare a research computing plan. This plan will outline the resources and staff time that will be devoted to the project, divided into two elements:

1 – “In kind” support, i.e. what computing support the Faculty is providing at no charge as a contribution to the project
2 – “Funded” support, i.e. what computing support the Faculty will seek grant funds for

This plan will be a component of the proposal submitted to the Dean for approval and is separate from yearly operational computer funds. The “in kind” contribution proposed will be assessed in light of the priority the School assigns to the research project.

Once the research project is approved and funded by granting agency, computing will begin providing the support outlined. Reimbursement for the funded support will be sought at roughly four month intervals. Computing will require a budget number before funded work begins. In-kind work can begin as soon as the request is approved.

All funded research project will receive a $500 support “allowance” to cover labour costs for the duration of the project.