Intersections Lab

The lab will be closed during holidays and university closures.

Located on the third floor of the Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts (328 GCFA), the Intersections Lab is a teaching facility with recent iMacs and a wide suite of media production software. There are 21 computers available to students and one computer for the instructor at the podium connected to the projector.

Hours: The lab is open between 8am and 5pm on class days.


The lab is open from 8am to 4pm. The door will automatically lock at 4pm.

PLEASE DO NOT prop the door open as this creates a security risk to people using the lab and to the equipment inside.

The room is monitored by recorded security video.

If your personal security is at risk please call 911 from your personal phone or from the pay phone at the northwest corner of the corridor outside the lab.

If you notice vandalism or theft in the lab, please call York Security at  416 650-8000 ext. 58000.

Intersections Calendar

General Lab Access

PANF 1100: Introduction to Creative Methodologies I

Booking Intersections Lab

All faculty and staff are invited to schedule courses in the Intersections Lab that can take advantage of its computers and software. Please contact your Departments Operations Manger to book the Intersections Lab.

Software Changes

If your course will require software not already installed (see list below), please include this in your booking request.

Software requests must be made a month in advance and include a funding source.

Trial software will be installed on the instructor station only.

Please report problems with the lab, including hardware or software issues, or difficulties logging in, to using your YORK email address.

Students enrolled in classes held in the Intersections Lab will have had an account created automatically.

Please log in with your username, which will be your Passport York name and your password, which initially will be your York student number.

Software Installed Effective 2022/06/17

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • When running Adobe applications, please make sure you are logged in with your free Adobe account. Please go to where it says ‘sign in’ and click ‘create account’.
  • Android Studio 4
  • Audacity v3.0.4
  • Blender 8
  • Final Cut Pro 4.5
  • HandBrake 2
  • Max 0.5
  • MAXON 7.3
  • Meshmixer 5.474
  • Microsoft Office v365
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
    • OneNote
    • OneDrive
  • QLab  v4.6.10
  • RenPy  3.5.606
  • Rhinoceros 5.3
  • Twine  3.5
  • Unity  2.0f3
  • Wonda VR 9.200
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • VLC
  • Second Life
  • Phoenix Firestorm
  • OBS
  • FBX Converter


Every undergraduate student at York has access to OneDrive.

To access this storage, please point a browser to

For more information, please refer to Microsoft’s OneDrive video training

Google Drive

Every undergraduate student at York has Google Apps including Google Drive.

To access this storage, please point a browser to

For more information, please refer to

Local hard drive

You can temporarily store work on the hard drive of the workstation you are at.  Look for a folder called “SAVE_WORK_HERE”.

Please note that local storage is shared by all, so do not leave sensitive material there. Also, when the machine is serviced, local PROFILE WILL BE DELETED.  Work saved anywhere on the hard drive (including preferences and settings) will be deleted when you log out.

Always move your work to another storage location before logging out of the workstation.

Server Storage

If your course has been set up with server storage, you will be able to save files on Forerunner. This storage is ONLY AVAILABLE for the duration of your course and will be deleted before the next term.