Blended Learning Studio

The Blended Learning Studio is available for AMPD faculty members to use.  This facility currently is configured in a manner similar to the Faculty Lounge, i.e. a large television with a computer mounted behind it, with the addition of a teleconferencing camera and microphone/speaker.  The room seats eight people.

This room is intended for academic use, including but not limited to recording video for online courses and hosting teleconferences.

Booking and Access

To book the Blended Learning Studio, AMPD faculty members may email  Faculty members may also email to declare a representative (e.g. a graduate student) who is authorized to make booking on the faculty member’s behalf.

Bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis.

During business hours before your booking begins, please collect a key along with the alarm code for the room from the Music administration office, 371 ACE.  The key must be returned after the booking concludes, either in person at 371 ACE or in the drop box on the second floor.  The drop box is across the hall from 225 ACE (near the Martin Family Lounge) and is marked with a brightly coloured sign.

Food and drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Studio.  Users are to leave the room clean and tidy.


Users are urged to familiarize themselves with the room in advance of their booking.  Assistance can be scheduled during business hours.  Please email to make arrangements.