The Computer Renewal Program

The Computer Renewal Program (CRP) is a Faculty funded contribution to the purchase of an Apple or Dell desktop or laptop computer for full-time faculty members.

At the end of the CRP period of three years, full-time faculty members may arrange with AMPD Computing to have a replacement computer ordered. Their data will be transferred to the new computer and the old computer is then redeployed by AMPD Computing.

To see when your last CRP computer was purchased or to start the purchase process, please email


1. Chairs and GPDs will be eligible under the CRP program.

2. New faculty members will receive a minimum spec Dell or Apple laptop or desktop not to exceed $1500 unless additional funds are provided in their contract or by the faculty member using their PER or research funds.

3. Faculty members replacing their existing CRP machine will receive $1500 toward a Dell or Apple laptop or desktop and may use additional funds from their PER or research funds.

4. Faculty members replacing their existing CRP machine will relinquish their previous CRP machine to AMPD Computing in order to be eligible for the $1500 faculty contribution.

5. All machines purchased in the CRP program will be covered by a 3 year warranty with this warranty being part of the cost of the machine.

6. Faculty members may fund upgrades to their CRP selections using 500 or 400 series funds under their control. For Fund 500, the purchase eligibility is dependent on the specific guidelines of the grant. Fund 400 and Fund 500 are subject to budget checking to ensure sufficient funds are available.

7. Use of 200 series funds to upgrade CRP machines must be approved by the Dean’s Office.

For more information, email Safraz Iqbal, Director of AMPD Computing,